300 young men join Mujahideen, munafiqs say

1186.jpgHuman rights activist Tatyana Lokshina, who has recently visited the occupied Chechnya, told to the “Caucasus Knot” journalists that more 300 young men joined Chechen Mujahideen. Lokshina refers to a well-known Chechen munafiq Magomed Khambiyev, former Maskhadov’s Minister of Defense who is now a respectable member of the Kadyrov’s “parliament”.


As Khambiyev said the number of young people who have gone to the mountains recorded in the period from January to April 2007. Neither Lokshina nor Khambiyev have reported how many Chechen guys joined the Chechen Mujahideen from April to July 2007.


Lets point out in this regard that the departure of young men into the mountains increased sharply in the late summer of 2006 after the death of Shamil Basayev (Shaheed inshaAllah). That was in the first time when Chechen Command reported because of the massive influx of young people it experiencing serious difficulties in the provision and deployment of new recruits. CRI President Dokka Umarov was even forced to issue an order to limit the admission of new recruits.


But in the spring of 2007, these restrictions were lifted. Much support for the organization of the new units of Mujahideen is that that a large number of young people themselves buying their own weapons and uniforms and come to the Mujahideen equipped already.


The precise number of new recruits is unknown. Chechen command does not give such numbers. However, according to data from various sources and information from commanders of the fronts and the sectors we may talk about of two thousand recruits in Chechnya, by not counting the Ingushetia, Dagestan, and Kabardino-Balkaria.

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