Somalia Mujahideen use new landmine tactic

1185.jpgThe Mujahideen in Somalia have discovered a chilling new use for landmines by detonating them where troops gather for formation that put into action the words of the Leader of Islamic Courts who has rejected a “peace offer” from the US-installed puppet government, along with the Mujahideen who have promised more bloodshed.

The Somalia Youth Movement have shown ingenuity and ability to adapt in the very fluid situation of warfare with this new use for a widely available and relatively low level weapon against the superior equipped Ethiopian forces.

Meanwhile the YIM also issued a statement making it clear that there will be no negotiations with the current government that has been forced on the citizens of Somalia after the Islamic Courts rose to power and that they will continue their efforts to expel the illegitimate puppet regime from the country.

The so-called deputy chairman of Somalia’s “peace conference” referred to locally as the “conspiracy conference” has asked the Islamic Movement to join the talks, but the group’s leader dismissed the meeting Thursday as “a disgrace and a humiliation.”

The conference, which started July 15 after several delays, has been the target of regular attacks Youth Islamic Movement and Mujahideen of the Council of Islamic Courts, which was driven from power in December by Ethiopian troops supporting the US-installed puppet government.

Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed, the head of the legitimate Somalian government of the Islamic Courts who has been in exile since the US-backed puppet government was installed flatly rejected the offer as have the Mujahideen of the Youth Islamic Movement.

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