Details of the battle in the Tazen-Kala area

1184.jpgAs Kavkaz Center’s source reports with reference to a spokesman of the Staff of the Eastern Front of the CRI Armed Forces, a unit of the Mujahideen numbering 40 fighters attacked a force from the pro-Moscow bandit formation “Vostok” near the village of Tazen-Kala on 23 July. The number of munafiqs was 300, according to an estimate by the Chechen side.


The Chechen Mujahideen arranged an ambush on the route taken by the puppet force. The source reported that the battle lasted for about 5 hours. Nine traitors were killed and about 15 were injured in the fierce firefight. These numbers were later confirmed via radio interception.


The spokesman of the command of the Eastern Front of the CRI Armed Forces reported that 5 Mujahideen suffered insignificant injuries. None of them was killed.


The surroundings of Tazen-Kala were shelled by artillery and periodically attacked from the air for three days. No attempt was made by the occupiers and their stooges to pursue the Mujahideen.


Let us remind therefore On 23 June the Russian media, with reference to the Yamadayev brothers, reported a battle near Tazen-Kala, in which 6 Mujahideen were allegedly killed. It was asserted that 9 Chechen soldiers had been involved. In turn Kadyrov’s sources declared that the number of Mujahideen was 30 fighters and they do not know about the casualties of both sides.


The refutation of those allegedly killed Mujahideen was reported by the “occupation” prosecutor Valery Kuznetsov, in an interview published by “Vremya Novostei” edition, acknowledging that no one saw dead Mujahideen: “We have not seen corpses. No one arrested. Therefore, we cannot say how many of them were, how many have been killed, because we do not know”.


The occupation “prosecutor” complained that he can’t begin a “full investigation”: “The investigation started, but it is complicated by the fact that militants mined the area. And we can not proceed to full work”.


Lets recall that the leak of info on fighting in the Vedeno region, was seen as an attempt of Yamadayev brothers “to damp a reputation” of Kaydrov, who a few days earlier, once again declared the end of hostilities in Chechnya and invited tourists to Shatoi and Vedeno regions of the country.

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