Iran Calls on Afghanistan to Campaign against Extremism

A02976678.jpgIranian Parliament Speaker Gholam Ali Haddad Adel called on Afghan people, parliaments and government to confront petrification and extremism in that country. Speaking in a meeting with Afghanistan’s Senate and House representatives here on Tuesday, Haddad Adel described Iranian and Afghan people as great nations with common language, cultural and religious roots, and said that the many unique commonalities of the two neighboring states have further increased proximity between the two Muslim nations.

He further noted Iran’s efforts to help the post-Taliban Afghanistan with the restoration of calm and stability, and reiterated that Tehran has spared no effort to restore stability and security in its crisis-torn neighbor and has always wished welfare and success for the Afghan government and nation.

The chief legislator pointed to the abundant problems facing the afghan parliament, government and people, particularly the problem of the plantation, production and trafficking of illicit drugs, and expressed the hope that the afghan parliaments and government would achieve much success in removing impediments to the progress of Afghanistan’s Muslim nation.

He also reminded that drug production and trafficking in Afghanistan has so far inflicted many spiritual harms and material losses on the Iranian nation, and took colonialist countries responsible for what he called as a great disaster and destruction of the two countries’ youths.

Haddad Adel stressed the need for the increasing vigilance of the Afghan nation in the face of the cultural effects and aftermaths of the presence of the aliens in that country, and viewed the spread of the rule of petrification and extremism in Afghanistan as a source of concern.

“The people, parliaments and government of Afghanistan should make ample efforts to confront this trend,” he reiterated.

Further during the meeting, two of the visiting Afghan representatives voiced pleasure in their visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran, and described the two countries’ political, parliamentary, cultural and economic ties as good and developing.

They praised Iran’s efforts to establish peace and stability in Afghanistan and help reconstruction of that country, and further called on Tehran to continue with the same measures.

The two lawmakers described Afghanistan as an indispensable part of the Persian literature and culture, and stressed the need for maintained cultural and religious relations and cooperation in order to further strengthen the Persian language and religious values.

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