Iraqi PM Pleased with Iran Visit

A028599010.jpgIraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki described the results of his visit to Iran as excellent. Speaking to FNA in the northeastern Iranian city of Mashhad on Thursday, Maliki described expansion of the two countries’ relations as the main goal pursued by his visit to the Islamic Republic.

“In this trip, we discussed the ways to expand relations and exchanged views about our previous talks,” he said.

The Iraqi premier also said that during his meetings with the Iranian officials, the two sides have made some agreements on bilateral economic ties and joint ventures.

“We also discussed security cooperation with the Iranian officials,” he added.

“We believe that deepening of relations with Iran serves the interests of both countries,” Nuri al-Maliki reiterated.

The Iraqi prime minister described his visit as “positive” and “fruitful”, and said that the decisions made during his trip to Iran could have very profound and excellent effects on the two states’ relations.

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