Iran Monitors All Enemy Moves in Persian Gulf

A02470988.jpgAn Iranian military official said that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is vigilantly watchful of each and every move made by enemies in the Persian Gulf. “Using modern tools and equipment, none of the moves and threats made by the enemies is hidden to us in the Persian Gulf,” regional commander of the IRGC’s naval force told FNA on Sunday.

Reminding IRGC’s equipment with such modern tools and weapons as speedy and heavy vessels which carry torpedo, coast-to-sea and long-range missile launchers, Ali Razmjou stressed his troops’ full preparedness to give crushing response to enemies’ threats.

He said that his forces have specific premeditated plans for defusing enemies’ plots and strategies, and added, “Given the present power of the IRGC, in case enemies intend to invade the Islamic Republic borders in the Persian Gulf waters and start military confrontation, the Persian Gulf will become a hell for them.”

Meantime, Razmjou reminded that the country’s strategy, stipulated by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, is based on deterrence, peace and friendship, sustainable security and tranquility in the Persian Gulf, adding that the IRGC naval force is heading towards the same goals.

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