Seoul Seeks to Consolidate Ties with Iran

A03264557.jpgSouth Korea’s outgoing Ambassador to Iran Eim Hung-Jee noted the growth in the two countries’ industrial and economic exchanges, and underlined that Seoul attaches much significance to the expansion and reinvigoration of ties with Tehran. Speaking to the chairman of Iran-Korea Parliamentary Friendship Group, Seyed Hossein Hashemi here on Monday, the envoy viewed the two countries’ ties as excellent, and underlined that Seoul attaches much significance to the development and strengthening of all-out relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He also noted the two sides’ numerous joint industrial projects, and said that the economic and industrial exchanges between Iran and South Korea have significantly increased in recent years and that Korean companies are eager to invest in Iran’s various industrial sectors.

Noting the increase in cultural and tourism relations between the two countries, Hung-Jee stated that there still exist ample intact potentials for boosting the two sides’ cooperation in the said grounds.

For his part, the Iranian lawmaker voiced satisfaction with the two countries’ developing ties, and said that very positive measures have so far been adopted for the expansion and consolidation of the Iran-South Korea cordial ties in various grounds.

“But there still exist abundant grounds for promoting and deepening the two states’ relations, which must be used,” he continued.

The MP further assessed as very positive the presence and activity of Korean companies in different Iranian industries, and said, “Given the increasing importance of gas to meet the world energy needs, joint investment in this sector could open a new horizon for the two countries’ cooperation.”

He also called for accelerated efforts by the two sides to launch cooperation in the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) sector.

The lawmaker also demanded an increase in cultural cooperation between the two countries, and reminded that familiarity with the histories, cultures and civilizations of each other would pave the way for bolstering the two states’ cooperation in other sectors.

He further pointed to Iran’s tourist attractions, and called for an increase in exchanging tourists.

To conclude his remarks, the legislator appreciated the Korean ambassador’s efforts to expand all-out cooperation between the two countries.

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