MP : US Unable to Threaten IRGC

A03264558.jpgThe United States is not in a position to threaten the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), a prominent Iranian lawmaker said, reminding that IRGC is a powerful force with millions of members and supporters. Referring to the goals pursued by the United States’ war of propaganda against the IRGC, member of the parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Heshmatollah Felahat-pisheh told FNA here on Monday that the US seeks to annihilate and exclude resistance from the potentials and paradigm of the regional nations in a bid to implement its Greater Middle-East initiative.

“The Corps as a revolutionary body which played a pivotal role in Iran’s resistance during the (Iraqi imposed) war and in the country’s reconstruction, self-reliance and self-sufficiency in the post-war era, and which has been picked up as a role model by popular movements in the region, from Iraq to Lebanon and Palestine, has displeased the US statesmen,” he reminded.

The legislator further warned that the US efforts to blacklist Iran’s IRGC as a terrorist group have aroused intense negative feelings among the Iranian nation, considering that the Corps is a popular body and that millions of Iranians are members of the IRGC.

Felahat-pisheh also mentioned that the US is angry at the Iran’s self-reliance in manufacturing defensive tools and equipment, which he said has resulted from the IRGC efforts, adding that the US is striving to misuse global campaign against terrorism to fight against IRGC.

Meantime, he assured that the world may not enter such antagonistic efforts against Iran, saying, “The United States cannot make the world accept that the popular forces of the Corps form a terrorist group.”

The MP said that the US has been making long-term efforts to target IRGC, reminding that while the UN Security Council Resolutions 1737 and 1747 pertain to Iran’s nuclear issue, Council members – under Washington’s pressures – mentioned the names of IRGC commanders as among those individuals whose bank accounts should be blocked.

“And this indicates that the US made its decision to target the Corps long ago,” he continued.

The lawmaker also underlined that the US cannot target IRGC bases and centers militarily, saying that if the US could, it wouldn’t waste even a single moment in dropping bombs on such centers and headquarters.

Noting the Untied States’ inability to invade Iran, he warned that any war on Iran would prevail in the whole region and would endanger security of 50% of the world energy supplies.

He reminded that the US has even failed in gaining victory in war against weaker countries, “then how could it achieve victory in a war on a country whose defensive capabilities and potentials are not comparable with those of the said countries.”

“Also from the legal point of view, Americans should pass a resolution at the UN Security Council in the framework of article 42 of chapter 7 of the UN charter, which is again impossible, because the world does not want to get into a military conflict with Iran,” the legislative official concluded.

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