Envoy: UN Cooperation with Iran not Impeded by US Sanctions

The United Nations’ residing coordinator in the Islamic Republic of Iran stressed that the US sanctions against Tehran could not prevent the world body from cooperating with Iran. “We will continue our millennium development plans with Iran, even if the US intensifies its sanctions against Tehran,” Kenneth Ustbi told FNA in the northern city of Qazvin on Monday.

“The Untied States’ threats and sanctions would not leave any negative impact on our relations with and support for Iran as they do not include our joint plans and programs with the Iranian government,” he continued.

“The UN Security Council sanctions merely pertained to a number of (Iranian) companies which run nuclear activities, and if these sanctions grow even worse, we will definitely continue our programs with Iran,” the UN envoy reiterated.

“Iran enjoys the needed capabilities and potentials to attain the goals and ideals of the millennium development plan because Iran is not comparable with other developing countries as far as its rich resources are concerned; thus, Iran is able to materialize the goals and ideals of the millennium development plan,” he added.

Elsewhere, the UN official also pointed out that the world body has some plans to solve the problems resulted from the deployment of the US troops in Iraq, and said, “The United Nations Organization has some plans to reinvigorate the Iraqi government and will assist them.”

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