Swedish Embassy Caretaker Summoned to FM

A03264559.jpgIranian Foreign Ministry summoned caretaker of Sweden’s embassy in Tehran on Monday to condemn printing of a blasphemous photo of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in a Swedish daily. During the meeting with the Swedish embassy caretaker who was called in absence of the country’s ambassador to Tehran, Foreign Ministry’s director general for Central and North European Affairs, Ali Baqeri condemned the measure by the Swedish daily and described it as an insult to the religious sentiments of over one billion Muslims throughout the world.

He said Iran respects freedom of press and media, but meantime reminded that such a freedom “should not be misused to insult the followers of other religions”.

Baqeri reminded that respect for the others’ beliefs is a constituent of freedom in a free society, and called on the Swedish government to condemn the move.

He also pointed out that the measure could have been masterminded by some groups who seek to undermine Sweden’s positive relations with the Muslim countries.

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