Poles Fond of Iranian Cinema

A03322169.jpgA large number of people in Poland are advocates of Iranian cinema, Poland’s deputy minister of culture and national heritage said. The polish official voiced regret that his country’s cine artists are not provided with the required possibilities and opportunity to introduce Poland’s cinema to Iranians, but meantime said that Iranian cinema and filmmakers are well known in his country, reiterating that the poles admire Iranian cinema.

He also said his country’s cine production institutes are keen on cooperating with their Iranian counterparts, and further expressed the hope that proper grounds would be paved for enhanced contacts and relations between the two countries’ young artists.

Also reminding that the poles are familiar with Iranian culture, literature and music to a large extent, he hoped that the required measures would be adopted for the translation of polish masterpieces to the Persian language and also for the acquaintance of Iranian people with Polish music.

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