Iran-Thailand LNG Cooperation Continues Unabated

A0253769.jpgIran’s ambassador to Bangkok Mohsen Pak Ayeen dismissed reports about a delay in LNG negotiations between Iran and Thailand. Speaking in an interview in Bangkok, the envoy told reporters that he has not received any reliable report that the gas supply negotiations between Thailand’s PTT and his country are facing any obstacle.

He further stressed that negotiations between the two sides are proceeding smoothly.

The diplomat pointed to the frequent visits to Iran by the PTT officials, and said, “The process for reaching agreements in energy talks is very delicate and complex and requires patience. The price of LNG in the international markets is estimated on the basis of other energy rates, mainly crude oil.”

Underlining that the project would serve the interests of both countries in the long run, he stressed that negotiations would continue unimpeded due to mutual goodwill.

Pak Ayeen reminded that his country holds the world’s second largest gas reserves, and said that Tehran is planning to supply its reserves to the world market.

“On the other hand, Thailand needs gas to maintain its sustainable growth and this tangible fact leads both sides to a promising future for energy cooperation,” the Iranian ambassador to Bangkok reiterated.

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