Envoy Calls on UAE to Show More Support for Iranian Labor Force

A025376911.jpgIran’s ambassador to the United Arab Emirates Hamid Reza Asefi stressed the need for Tehran and Abu Dhabi to endorse the required agreements to support the two countries’ labor force. Asefi made the remarks in a meeting with UAE’s labor minister Ali bin Abdallah al-Kabi, where the two sides explored avenues for bolstering mutual cooperation and exchanged views about the possible grounds for the promotion of the two countries’ relations.

During the meeting, the envoy noted the status and standing of the Iranians residing in the UAE as well as their effective role in the development and prosperity of that country, and called on the UAE officials to pay more attention to the problems of the Iranians.

He also pointed to the recent visit to the UAE by the Iranian president, and said that the trip has produced significant results for the two countries’ bilateral ties.

For his part, the UAE official noted the problems existing in the labor market of his country, and described Iranians residing in the UAE as an active and serious force.

Underlining his country’s willingness to use Iranian experts, he voiced enthusiasm for paying a visit to Iran to discuss labor-related issues with Iranian officials.

Al-Kabi also stressed his government’s support for the Iranian labor force residing in the United Arab Emirates.

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