Senior Commander Highlights IRGC’s Power

A025376910.jpgLieutenant commander of the ground force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps said IRGC will stand against every threat posed by the world powers to the Islamic Republic. Addressing a group of graduates of IRGC’s Amir al-Momenin University in Isfahan on Sunday, General Nour Ali Shoushtari said Iran is today facing a sensitive situation as it is targeted by different enemy plots.

“Today the Islamic Revolution is in sensitive conditions and is threatened by different plots hatched by the enemies,” he said, and further assured that Iranian youths will stand up to such threats.

“The key to success and resistance of Iran against the superpowers and the world arrogance lies in its reliance on the youth and the people who hold strong and rich religious beliefs and culture,” the official underlined.

He also pointed to religious beliefs as the main factor helping the IRGC overcome threats and dangers.

The General said that Iran’s technological advancements specially in recent years have increased military capabilities of its armed forces, assuring that armed forces can defeat enemies’ plots by the help of such achievements.

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