DM: Iran to Give Various Responses to US Threats

In clear reaction to the recent statements by the US Secretary that Washington has different options on the table for confronting Tehran, Iranian Defense Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar said his country is also ready to give various responses to such threats. Speaking to reporters on the threshold of the ‘Week of Holy Defense’ – marking the start of the Iraqi imposed war on Iran – here on Wednesday, General Najjar said, “We too believe that diplomatic means and agreements with the (International Atomic Energy) Agency set the best track and option for resolving Iran’s nuclear issue.”

“But the economic option which means the path of sanctions lacks efficiency and has already failed,” he said in response to Rumsfeld who had stressed that the United States seeks to confront Iran through diplomatic and economic means while it also has other options available.

“As regards repetition of this statement that the US is also considering other options, I should say that we also have a variety of options and responses to these threats and options that we will use according to the conditions and whenever required,” the minister added.

Meantime, Najjar said that the new US Secretary of Defense seems to enjoy more rationality in comparison with his hawkish and warmongering predecessor.

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