Encountering Internal Threats IRGC’s Main Mission

A015825410.jpgConfronting internal threats is the main mission of the IRGC today, commander-in-chief of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) said here on Saturday, adding that his troops will, of course, rush to help the army in case of military threats to Iran by foreign counties.Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari reminded that IRGC has not been formed only for military purposes, and reminded, “Safeguarding the achievements of the revolution and encountering internal threats and any threat undermining the achievements of the Islamic Republic sets the mission of the Corps.”

He further noted the different threats posed by enemies to Iran ever since the onset of the Islamic Revolution, and said, “As the Supreme Leader has said, IRGC should have a flexible organization and structure in order to be able to encounter the political, social and security threats posed by the enemies.”

“We should adapt our structure to the surrounding conditions or existing threats in a bid to enter the scene promptly and with sufficient flexibility, as the Supreme Leader (Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei) has said,” the IRGC’s top commander said.

He said the main strategy of the IRGC has differed in accordance with the existing conditions and in compliance with the decree of the Supreme Leader, adding that the main responsibility of the IRGC was once confrontation with all types of threats, including both internal and external ones, “But the main strategy of the IRGC has differed now. Confrontation with internal threats is the main mission of the IRGC at present. Of course in case of foreign military threats, the IRGC will rush to help the army.”

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