Iran Allocates Rls120 bln for Restoration of Historical Monuments

A009056814.jpgA total of 120 bln rials will be earmarked for projects to repair historical monuments including edifices, national gardens, bazaars and historical textures, said a report by Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization’s Cultural Heritage Department.According to CHN, head of the Office for Safeguarding Monuments and Historical Sites, Siavash Saberi said that provincial factors will serve as the criteria for allocating the funds.

These include technical and executive capabilities of the provinces, provincial projects and registered works. In addition, area, population as well as the degree of deprivation of each province will also be taken into account.

Stating that the current year is the first that Cultural Heritage Department has set some criteria for allocating funds, Saberi further said that although the move has its drawbacks, it is principled and facilitates planning in the provinces.

So far 45% of the amount has been made available to the department and it is hoped that the rest will be paid by March.

Announcing that special attention will be given to nominees for World Heritage List, he said that 600 mln rials and 300 mln rials have been allocated for restoration works on Saint Stepanous Cathedral in Jolfa, East Azarbaijan and Qare Kelisa (black church) in Chaldoran, West Azarbaijan, respectively.

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