US Blacklisting of IRGC Declaration of War against Iran

A00905688.jpgLebanese Shiite Leader Allamah Muhammad Hussein Fadhlallah said the call by the US Congress for labeling Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist group should be viewed as a declaration of war on the Islamic Republic. “The US administration is still bringing all regional issues into chaos through its imperialistic approach and the recent measure by the Congress of that country against Iran’s IRGC could only be viewed as a declaration of war because IRGC plays a role similar to that of the army in Iran and is among the pillars of the Iranian armed forces,” Fadhlallah said in a statement issued in Beirut on Sunday.

Elsewhere, he pointed to the recent resolution of the US House of Representatives for dividing Iraq into three different parts, and said, “Even if it is not binding, this decision is still very dangerous, considering its effects and consequences in the Arab world as it can pave the way for scattered and contagious wars in the regional countries, provoke minorities to undermine stability of the regional states and open new ways to political and security instability.”

The Lebanese religious leader said that the Bush administration creates tensions in a bid to goad Arab countries into opposition against Iran and to term its policies a confrontation with Iran’s dominance and influence in the region, despite Iran’ positive role in pacifying the political and religious crises in the region.

“Despite the fact Iran has announced its readiness to transfer its nuclear experiences to the regional countries, the United States continues its hostility towards Iran and all these indicate that Washington seeks to make Arab countries sign new military contracts to provide more interests for the US treasury and serve the US army so that Bush can go on with his last stupidities in the region,” he added.

Fadhlallah further voiced concern about the consequences and aftermaths of the US policies in the region, and said, “The US administration will force Arabs to pay the political, economic and military expenses and even the price for the grave mistakes of that country (the US) in the region, and in case it cannot materialize the dreams of Israel for the geographical division of the region, it will embark on dividing the region politically.”

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