Judiciary Chief Calls on World Muslims to Participate in Qods Day Rallies

A00905689.jpgThe World Qods Day is a proper opportunity for displaying the oppressed status and defenselessness of the Palestinian people as well as the oppressions and cruelties of the usurper region of the Zionists to the entire world, head of Iran’s Judiciary said here on Monday. Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi viewed support for the Muslim Palestinian nation who are continuously oppressed by the Zionist regime as a duty, and expressed the hope that Muslims worldwide would stage wide demonstrations and rallies to prove that the oppressed Palestinian nation are not alone.

Noting the blatant and inhuman crimes of the Zionists in the occupied territories, he reminded that the Zionist regime strives to sow discord among the Palestinian people and groups in a bid to annihilate their resistance, but meantime added that vigilance of the Palestinian nation has made all these plots fall flat.

The official also underlined the need for the Muslims to stage crowded rallies worldwide to inform other nations of the savage and brutal crimes of the Zionist regime and to show that the mottos chanted by the so-called advocates of human rights are mere lies.

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