Iraq’s Hakim, Sadr Sign Cooperation Agreement

A009056846.jpgHead of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council (SIIC) Abdel Aziz Hakim and leader of the Sadr Movement Moqtada Sadr signed an agreement to start mutual cooperation within a joint committee. Political advisor to the head of SIIC Mohsen Hakim told FNA on Saturday that the committee which will have branches in all Iraqi provinces is aimed at defusing enemies’ plots and solving the problems existing in the different provinces of the country.

He said the committee will seek to resolve the differences between the two sides, adding that the agreement which is the first of its kind also “reiterates the need for respecting the sanctity of the blood of the Iraqis from all religions, faiths and ethnicities and requires the two sides to refrain from launching negative propaganda against each other in all political and cultural activities and during Friday Prayers sermons.”

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