Bush’s Hypocrisy Unveiled by NIE Report

A00985216.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Commander-in-Chief of Iran’s Armed Forces said that the latest US National Intelligence Estimate disclosed the hypocritical face of the US President Georg W. Bush.

“The hypocritical and bullying face of Bush and the US neoconservative reactionaries was brought into light by this report,” Major General Hassan Firooz Abadi said in the wake of the latest report by 16 US intelligence agencies stressing that Iran is not pursuing a nuclear weapons program.

Meantime, he called on Iran to maintain vigilance, reminding that the hawks are still in power in the US.

“We should be vigilant as the hawks are still in power in the US and the aggressive forces of the world arrogance are still occupying Afghanistan and Iraq and their oppression and cruelty against the Palestinian and Lebanese nations have not ended,” the commander said.

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