Iran to launch 2 giant petrochemical projects by Mar. 19

Olefin 9 and Olefin 10 petrochemical projects will come on stream by the end of the current Iranian calendar year (Mar. 19) in Pars Special Economic Energy Zone (PSEEZ), southern Iran.

Arya Sasol and Jam petrochemical companies are the executers of the projects, respectively.

The Olefin 9 project kicked off in 2002 and is now complete by 99.15 percent. At present, the project is in its pilot operation phase, Mehr News Agency reported.

Olefin 9 is half owned by Iran’s National Petrochemical Company (NPC) and half by Sasol Polymers of South Africa.

Once the project comes on stream, 400 thousand tons of ethylene, 90 thousand tons of C3+, 300 thousand tons of medium and heavy polyethylene, and 300 thousand tons of light polyethylene will be added to Iran’s petrochemical output.

The Olefin 10 project started in 2000 and is nearly complete by 99.5 percent progress.

It is 49.7% owned by NPC, 25.8% by Social Security Organization, and 24.5% by State Retirement Fund of Iran.

Olefin 10 will produce 2.3 million tons of ethylene, propylene, linear light and heavy pro-ethylene, polypropylene, alfa olefins, cracked and raw pyrolysis gasoline, fuel oil, butadiene, butane, butane Di-OL, ethylene glycols, and ABS per year.

Iran’s Petroleum Ministry has attached top priority to development of downstream industries of oil sector. In this line, construction of 23 petrochemical complexes is on the agenda of the ministry.

To this end, Zagros Petrochemical Complex’s Methanol 4 started operation in 2006 with the annual production capacity of 1.65 million tons. Also, the fourth aromatic unit of Borzuyeh Petrochemical Complex, in southern Assaluyeh, as the largest petrochemical unit of its kind in the world with an annual output of 1.28 million tons of aromatic products was commissioned in 2007.

The 4th ammonia-urea project, shared by NPC, Ghadir Investment Co., and Iran Petrochemical Commercial Co., was launched in 2007 with the annual production capacity of 1150 tons of ammonia and urea.


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