Two suicide blasts in Afghanistan

KABUL (Reuters) – Two suicide attacks took place in Afghanistan on Wednesday, killing one civilian, officials said, amid a period of renewed violence in the country.

One attack was aimed at a police vehicle in Laskar Gah, the provincial capital of southern Helmand province, a security official said. One civilian was killed and seven other people were wounded, he said.

The second attack took place at the entrance to a building used as base by Afghan and foreign troops in the southeastern province of Khost, officials from the province said, adding two Afghan forces were wounded.

The blast occurred when guards fired at a vehicle carrying two suicide bombers dressed in army uniform, an official said.

The al Qaeda-backed Taliban largely rely on suicide attacks and roadside bomb blasts as part of their insurgency against the government and foreign troops.

Violence has escalated in Afghanistan in the past two years, the bloodiest period since Taliban’s removal from power in 2001.

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