Ringleaders of Russian structures and their accomplices blown up

The sources of the Russian invaders reported that Friday night Jumada Al-Akhirah 2, 1429 (June 6, 2008) near the village of Eha-Borze (Assinovskaya) a sabotage unit of the Caucasus Armed Forces (Mujahideen) ambushed a motorcade of the ringleader of the pro-Russian gang called Sunzha District Police, Shamil Kutsayev, where a ringleader of another gang, State Traffic Police, was riding as well.The vehicles of the pro-Moscow ringleaders of the puppet gangs were blown up and intense fire was opened at them with automatic rifles and machineguns.


The invaders claim that both of the ringleaders and 6 of their accomplices were seriously injured in this attack. The Murtads (apostates) were brought to the base of the Russian Kafirs located on the premises of Sheikh Mansur Airport. No other details have been reported.


Kavkaz Center

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