Ahmadinejad: Iraq should successfully overcome sensitive situation

356919-49-21_n.jpgPresident Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Sunday that he hopes the Iraqi government, by relying on the prudence of its government and unity among its ethnic leaders and political wings, will successfully overcome the present sensitive situation.

The president made the remarks in a meeting with visiting Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki here on Sunday.

The oppressed Iraqi people have experienced very tough situation over the past decades, he said adding that the country is now experiencing a very sensitive situation but by relying on its powerful nation, the prospects for the country’s leader and nation is very promising.

Invaluable achievement will emerge after suffering hardship and this will double the sweetness of success, he said.

All countries should spare no efforts to help the Iraqi government to successfully overcome current situation, he said adding that Iraq’s neighbors, its friends as well as the United Nations should all help restore stability and security in Iraq but the role of its neighbors is much heavier to this end.

Iraq should reach to the level of stability and security which will disappoint its enemies, he pointed out.

Referring to his recent meeting with UN secretary general, the president said, “In the meeting, I underlined that implementing Clause Seven of UN Charter which seeks imposing international sanctions against Iraq is out of question because there is no more Saddam Hossein.”
He expressed the hope that Iraq would attain its desirable status in regional and international levels.

The Iraqi premier, for his part, called for expansion of all-out ties between the two countries and said the country’s developments and stability would be attained through such mutual relations.

Iraq is to depict a positive image at international and regional communities, he said adding that the Iraqi political wings are in line with peoples will and call for expansion of economic cooperation with other countries.

Various countries round the globe have voiced willingness to take part in the country’s reconstruction through investments, he said.

“A stable Iraq would be to the benefit of security of the region as well as the entire world,” Maliki underlined.

Maliki also thanked the Iranian president for who intervened to have Iraq sanctions lifted during talks with UN secretary general.

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