Jewish leader of Russian mafia linked to Russian FSB/KGB arrested in Germany

Last week Berlin police arrested a former leader of the Jewish community of the German capital on suspicion to belonging to the largest Russian criminal group. 

In German media, including Berliner Zeitung and Focus, the suspect is mentioned as Mikhail R. However, the Israeli periodical Yediot Aharonot published a full name of the suspect. The newspaper says that it is Mikhail Rabo, 55, native of Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), who emigrated from the USSR in 1979. Formerly he was a high-ranking functionary in the Parliament of Berlin’s Jewish Community and member of Central Jewish Council of Germany.


M. Rabo, who is living in Berlin, was arrested in his home in elite neighborhood of Grunwald, on the European warrant issued on the request of the police of Spain, which has just conducted a mass raid on 20 facilities belonging to the Russian mafia, — Yediot Aharonot reported.


According to Focus magazine, Rabo is suspected in being the right hand man of Alexander Malyshev, the leader of Tambov-Malyshev group, the largest criminal organization in Russia. He is charged with money-laundering, document fraud and involvement in organized crime.


Focus also reported that ringleaders of the group, including Malyshev, went to Berlin for Rabo’s birthday celebration several weeks ago. Malyshev was arrested by the Spanish police a week ago during the Troika Operation. Spanish authorities believe that Russian mobsters are closely linked to Russian secret services and are acting in their interests.


The German court will consider Spain’s request on Rabo’s extradition within the next few days.


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