Mass-scale punitive raids in Nozhai-Yurt District

78_1.jpgOn photo: Pro-Russian murtadin and Russian kuffar during a punitive raid on a Chechen village


Kavkaz Center’s source in the Headquarters of Eastern Front of The Caucasus Emirate Armed Forces reported that after the successful operation that the Caucasus troops (Mujahideen) carried out in the village of Benoi two weeks ago, Russian kuffar and their local accomplices (murtadin/apostates) brought thousands of armed bandits from all sorts of invaders’ and puppet structures, reinforced by armored vehicles and artillery, to Nozhai-Yurt District of Province of Ichkeria, The Caucasus Emirate.


The source reported that the entire Nozhai-Yurt District has been under siege for over 10 days. Formations of Russian invaders and their accomplices are conducting punitive “cleansings” in all towns and villages of the district.


Helicopter gunships and warplanes are constantly barraging the towns and villages. The woodland is being subjected to artillery shelling.


Locals are being “accused” of secretly supporting the Mujahideen. The families of the Chechens whose sons are serving in the ranks of the Mujahideen are being subjected to terror and violence.


Kavkaz Center’s source reported that over the past 3 months over 200 young men from Nozhai-Yurt District went to the forest. Among them is a large number of juveniles 15-16 years of age.


Several dozen young men went to the Mujahideen after the punitive “cleansing” of Nozhai-Yurt District began. The exact number is not known.


Russuan kuffar and local murtadin (their accomplices, apostates) are making the parents go to the forest under threat of retaliation and “get their sons to return home”. It was reported that some mothers managed to persuade eight 15-year-old youths to come back home.


Meanwhile, according to the latest reports, a battle between Commander (Amir) Hanif’s mobile unit of the Caucasus Armed Forces (Mujahideen) and Russian kuffar from the gang of Spetznaz (special forces) took place near the village of Gezenchu. No detailed reports on enemy casualties are available.


Sources inside the Headquarters of Eastern Front reported that Russian invaders landed a helicopter with commandos, which was attacked by the Caucasus troops (Mujahideen).


According to a radio interception, at least 2 Russian invaders were killed and several seriously wounded. The number of killed invaders may be much higher.


Kavkaz Center

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