Mujahideen of Northern Front of Caucasus Armed Forces attack Russian kuffar

77_1.jpgSpokesman of the Headquarters of Northern Front of The Caucasus Emirate Armed Forces (Commander Amir Daud) has sent a more specified report about the combat operations that the Mujahideen of the Caucasus Armed Forces carried out last Sunday.  

The source reported that Mujahideen ambushed an automobile convoy of the Russian kuffar (invaders/infidels) that accompanied a Russian general of the federal police gang (ministry of the interior) near the village of Mekenskaya (Naur District). Earlier on, intelligence report was received that the convoy would travel along that particular route.


Mujahideen attacked the kuffar from two directions. One group of fighters was in the ambush in a woodland belt, and the other mobile group used an automobile to get as close to the enemy as possible.


Several kuffar were killed and wounded as a result of the successful operation. The Command of the Caucasus Armed Forces does not have any exact information about the fate of the general of Russian federal police. According to operative reports, the gang leader of the kuffar was seriously injured.


The second attack was carried out on a bridge near the village of Chervlennaya. The source reported that the Caucasus troops (Mujahideen) opened fire on Russian-made UAZ and Niva jeeps with invaders (kuffar/infidels) on board. The kuffar suffered casualties in that attack as well. At least 1 Russian invader was killed and 4 wounded.


Another special operation was carried out in the vicinity of the village of Petropavlovskaya. Here the Caucasus commandos (Mujahideen) ambushed a gang of Russian FSB (Federal Security Service, former KGB), which was moving in their cars. No detailed information on the enemy casualties is available. Judging from the radio interception, there are some wounded among the Russian kuffar.


In this connection we would like to point out that all three of these operations were carried out almost simultaneously. Commander (Amir) Daud expressed gratitude to the Mujahideen for successful accomplishment of the combat assignments.


We would also like to remind our readers that Russian media did report about the ambushes near the villages of Mekenskaya and Petropavlovskaya, referring to the command of the Russian invaders. The invaders’ media did not report anything about the Mujahideen attack on the Chervlennaya Bridge.


According to Russian kuffar, 1 gang member from the puppet special police (OMON), native of Adygea, Caucasus, was killed and several wounded in the attack near Mekenskaya. Russian side did not report that the general was with the convoy that came under the attack.


Nor did the invaders give any information about their casualties near Petropavlovskaya. Yet they admitted that the special operation did in fact take place.


Kavkaz Center

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