YAMADAYEV vs. KADYROV. ‘East’ and ‘West’ gangs to be reduced by one third

Russian war criminal, gang leader of Russian Defense Ministry’s combat training directorate, Vladimir Shamanov, announced that Vostok (“East”) and Zapad (“West”) gangs of pro-Russian accomplices in Ichkeria (under Yamadayev, rival of Kadyrov) will be reduced by one third. 

“Commissions from Combat Training Directorate and Main Command of the Land Troops that inspected them after Kadyrov’s address have uncovered a number of violations in the process of military training and organization of everyday activities. As a result, Defense Minister made a decision to conduct re-certification of the command and personnel of both units, reduce the number of the personnel by 30% and no longer dispatch draftees to these units,” Shamanov said in his interview to Krasnaya Zvezda (Red Star) newspaper.


“At the same time,” the war criminal continued, – “Both “East” and “West” will remain a part of the 42d Division. They have enough work to do, judging by the events of June 13, when militants attacked the village of Benoi-Vedeno. What’s more, their units are now carrying out peacekeeping assignments in Abkhazia and South Ossetia.”


Shamanov would not comment on the report on dismissal of Sulim Yamadayev from the post of the ringleader of the “East” (“Vostok”) gang. Earlier Shamanov denied that he was dismissed and stated that “no one ever fired Yamadayev”.


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