Prosecutor’s Office confirms, ”There is no god but Allah”

75_1.jpgRussian media reported that Prosecutor’s Office of the Krasnoyarsk Province in Siberia has conducted an examination and did not discover any violations of the law of the Russian Federation in placing the verse from the Koran “There is no god but Allah” on the wall of the Krasnoyarsk mosque.


Official from the Prosecutor’s Office said, “Examination of legality of placing this particular quote has been completed. The Prosecutor’s Office has not discovered any illegitimate actions that would violate the acting legislation by displaying a quote from the Koran.”


The sign with the words “There is no god but Allah” was placed on the wall of the mosque in early June and was taken off on the demand from the Prosecutor’s Office. The demand was motivated by the fact that it allegedly was displeasing to the local residents.


Thus, the local Prosecutor’s Office has not discovered any violations of the Russian constitution in the statement “There is no god but Allah”.


In this connection, the same Prosecutor’s Office may apparently discover a violation of Russia’s constitution in other verses of the Koran, such as the order of Allah to fight against the infidels until the temptation in religion disappears. Or in the order of the Most High that anybody who judge not by the laws of Allah are transgressors and criminals. And this would be a direct call to “extremist activities”, which is punishable by the laws of the Russian Federation.


So, the Russian Prosecutor’s Office has all “legal” grounds to accuse God of “extremist calls” in other “articles” of the Koran.


Kavkaz Center

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