Russian invaders report deaths of 3 Caucasus fighters

Sources of the Russian invaders claim that three Mujahideen from one of the units of Shali Sector of Eastern Front of The Caucasus Armed Forces died last weekend during a battle near the village of Mahkety. Russian kuffar (infidels/invaders) claim that Commander (Amir) Muslim, Deputy Commander of the Shali Sector of the Caucasus Armed Forces, was in charge of the unit that engaged in a battle with kuffar.


The invaders’ sources quoted the names of the Mujahideen who died (Shuhada/Martyrs, Insha Allah): native of Dagestan Mavsur Bolatov, and natives of Mahkety — Islam Temishev and Yusup Dichilayev.


Russian kuffar would not report any of their casualties.


No reports on the battle near Mahkety have been received from the Command of the Mujahideen either.


Kavkaz Center

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