Russian troops move to Georgia from Chechnya

43_1.jpgAccording to Kavkaz Center sources inside the Wilayah (Province) of Nokhchicho (Ichkeria/Chechnya) of the Caucasus Emirate, a large convoy of Russian troops supported by helicopter gunships had moved towards Georgian village of Shatili, which is located near the mountainous area of Itum-Kali district of Chechnya. 

We would like to mention that the road from Itum-Kali to the border with Georgia was rebuilt by invaders occupiers not so long ago.


Kavkaz Center’s source report with reference to local residents that in the last 2-3 days military hardware has constantly being sent via Shatoi and Itum-Kali to border areas of Georgia.


Thus, it is clear that Russian troops intend to invade Georgia from the south, from Chechnya.

Kavkaz Center

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