The Official Statement in connection with reports on involvement of Kadyrov’s gangs in the war against Georgia

Since the worsening of the conflict between Russia and Georgia, and especially after the beginning of armed aggression of Russia against Georgia, the Russian authorities and the media have widely replicated reports that “Chechen units and volunteers from Chechnya” are participating on Russian side in war against Georgia.


In this regard Wekalat (Head Office) of the Caucasus Emirate officially notify that few in number gangs of apostate-mercenaries of ethnic Chechens or representatives of other nationalities of the Caucasus, who consisting of Russian troops, are members of Russian occupation forces, and have nothing to do with the Armed Forces of the Caucasus Emirate and they are the enemies of the Caucasus Emirate like Russian invaders.


Wakil (Head) of the Caucasus Emirate,
Shamsuddin Batukaev

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