Ammunition Found in Kosovo Officer’s Home

Pristina – Arms, ammunition and other military supplies from the old Yugoslav army were confiscated during a raid on a Kosovo police officer’s home.

A report from Kosovo’s Police Forces revealed that two AK-47 Kalishnikovs, an air-gun, 558 cartridges and other military supplies from the old Yugoslav army were found in the house of 44-year-old Vlade Nedeljkovic, an ethnic Serb.

Suspicions were raised that the currently suspended officer might have been a reservist of the old Serbian army.

Kosovo’s Police spokesman, Veton Elshani, told Balkan Insight that Nedeljkovic is under arrest.

“Kosovo is a country which has experienced a war recently and some 300,000 different types of arms are still around Kosovo. Nedeljkovic is a member of Kosovo’s Police Forces but he is not reservist of the former Serbian Army,” Elshani told Balkan Insight.

During his examination by police interrogators, Nedeljkovic said the military ware has remained in his home since the 1999 war.

Nedeljkovic served as a police officer in the Kosovo Serb enclave of Gracanica.

After the February 17 declaration of independence from Serbia, Nedeljkovic, along with his Serb colleagues, had boycotted the mutli-ethnic Police Forces and demanded United Nations supervision of the force.

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