Skopje Celebrates Anniversary of Liberation

13 November 2008 Skopje – The Macedonian capital Skopje on Thursday marks the 64th anniversary of its liberation from Nazi occupation during World War Two.

Following the German invasion of the then Kingdom of Yugoslavia, Bulgarian troops occupied the city. When Bulgaria capitulated in September 1944, German forces took control of Skopje.

On November 13, 1944, Macedonian partisans, then part of the partisan movement across Yugoslavia, drove the German troops out of Skopje.
Skopje Mayor Trifun Kostovski is set to meet with WWII Veterans and lay flowers at the monuments honouring Skopje’s liberators.
A ceremony to elect the best Skopje athletes will also be held, followed by the award of “13 November” prizes to distinguished citizens.
During the former socialist Yugoslav era this day was traditionally marked by inaugurating new infrastructure projects and factories. Echoing this tradition, people from Skopje from today will be able to use a new road junction.

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