Surroi: ‘Kosovo’s reaction very late’

13 November 2008 Pristina – Veton Surroi, leader of the Reformist Party, ORA, has described Pristina’s rejection of the United Nation’s six-point plan as very late and incomplete.

“It was not completely refused. A few elements from these points were turned down. Such a stance appeared very late,” Surroi said in an interview for Voice of America.

Surroi said that the basis for the plan should have been rejected months ago when it was first proposed.

“The release of these six points from the Secretary General of the UN occurred in June of this year,” he said.

Meanwhile, Surroi said the deployment of the EULEX mission must not only cover the whole of Kosovo, it must maintain a certain standard.

“If the EULEX mission is deployed to develop two judicial systems in Kosovo, then this is not the right method of deployment for Kosovo. If the EULEX mission is deployed to fulfill the demand of another which does not meet the basic demands of Kosovo, then this is also not a qualitative deployment,” he said.

Surroi also asserted that the deployment of the EULEX mission should be consistent with Kosovo’s Constitution, a condition that was specified with the acceptance of Martti Ahtisaari’s package.

Kosovo’s senior leaders have unanimously rejected the UN’s six-point plan, arguing that it poses threats to country’s territorial integrity.

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