Tehran Blasts Canada for Anti-Iran Resolution

The resolution was passed Friday by 70 votes to 51 while 60 countries abstained and 11 members were absent.

Iran’s representative at the committee criticized the Canadian government’s misuse of ambiguities and gaps in the UN human rights organizations’ agenda and warned such a biased measure puts into question the eligibility of the UN Human Rights Council, the only organization in charge of pursuing human rights issues.

The Iranian official also described the allegations specified in the Canadian offered resolution as baseless and said the resolution only seeks political pressures against Iran.

Many people in the world believe that the country’s political move has undermined fair and logical principles of human rights, he said according to the Iranian students news agency.

The Iranian envoy also noted it is surprising that Canada introduces itself as one of human rights supporters in the world whereas confirmed accounts released by accredited international organizations suggest the country breaches its international obligations on human rights including rights of its citizens, minorities, immigrants and natives.

He also pointed to the indefensible records on human rights violation in countries which sponsored the resolution against Iran and said the names of the US and Israel are on top of the human rights violators’ list.

Inhuman condition in Gaza Strip, Palestinian lands, Guantanamo prison, Afghanistan’s Bagram city, bombardment in the country, secrete arrests in Europe and other places are deemed to be among severe and intentional human rights violation and such behaviors will have a pretty negative impact on human rights and international law’s structures.

The Ugandan representative who attended the committee as the Head of Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) opposed to the very resolution and described it as a political movement.

The Cuban envoy as a representative of the Non-Aligned Movement questioned the motives of the resolution organizers and said the action is against constructive interaction with human rights issues in the world.

Also Syria, Pakistan, Belarus, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Egypt and other countries cast doubt upon the resolution and called for the international community to focus on real anti-human issues including Israel’s crimes in occupied lands.

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