Austria Art Show Offers Glimpse Into Kosovo

Nine artists from Kosovo will get the opportunity to show their work at the Balkan Democracy exhibition, presented at the Palais Thurn und Taxis Art House in Bregenz Austria.

The exhibition will offer a glimpse of Kosovo from the 1990s to the present, illustrating a tough but formative time for the territory that declared independence from Serbian a year ago. Works span the spectrum of sculpture, photography, installations and film.

Photographer Hazir Reka, one of the featured artists, chose to illustrate the events that occurred in Kosovo over the last decade in his film titled “Kosova 88-08”, chronologically through a series of photos.

“The photos begin at the demonstrations, then strikes, and war, up until today’s events. Photos portraying the main occurrences are shown for up to a minute and a half”, Reka said.

Ismet Jonuzi said that this is the first exhibition that strays away from classical forms of Kosovar art, allowing artists to express themselves in exactly the non-conventional methods they desire.

“Through this exhibition, visitors from Western Europe will get an informative chance – through artistic action – to see how life was like, and how it currently is for Kosovo’s population and artists”, explained Jonuzi.

Painter Zake Prelvukaj said she hopes to display the message of human dignity through her video art project titled “Blood can never be Washed”.

“This motive presents an important message not just for the Balkans, as it also ties to global problems. Through our hands and fingers we show that a world has lost human respect: there is no peace and good words are used only for the sake of dialogue”, she explained.

Artists Ismet Jonuzi, Burim Myftiu, Zake Prelvukaj, Eshref Qahili, Hazir Reka, Adem Rusinovci, Agim Salhu, Valdeta Vucitern, and Rudina Xhaferi are the artists presented in the Balkan Democracy Exhibition, which will be featured from February 28 to March 27.

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