Serbia Says To Talk With UNMIK on Feb 17

resizer48Belgrade is due to start negotiations with the United Nations mission in Kosovo on Tuesday on the implementation of the UN’s six-point plan on Kosovo, which has been rejected by Kosovo Albanians, Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic told a Serbian daily in an interview

“Albanians are still saying that this will not happen, but it will,” Jeremic told Politika in an interview. “We have insisted and on Tuesday, negotiations will begin on the implementation of the plan that is not Martti Ahtisaari’s plan, but the plan of the UN secretary-general.”

Jeremic conceded there was “great resistance in the field”.

“Albanians are applying a great deal of pressure, mostly outside the institutions, on the UN representatives, which is very worrying,” he said. “We will continue to insist before the UN that what was decided by the Security Council be implemented. It’s not easy, but we have no other option except to use all diplomatic means to continue to fight for the preservation of the constitutional order.”

“Times are hard, but I believe that if we remain steadfast and principled, with support and understanding, perhaps even from the opposition, we will reach our common goal.”

He expressed optimism over the outcome of Serbia’s request from the International Court of Justice for its opinion on the legality of the Kosovo Albanians’ unilateral declaration, saying he was convinced that after the court rules the proclamation was not in line with international law, “the process of consolidation of the unilaterally declared independence will simply be stopped”.

There will be no new recognitions and with a such a ruling, Kosovo will not become a member of any international organization, he said.

“Then there will be finally be space to sit down and agree that, since we have demonstrated that unilateralism does not lead to a solution, having in front of us common, strategic goals, and above all EU integration, we should find a solution acceptable both to Belgrade and Pristina,” Jeremic said.

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