EU perceived to be corrective

Sofia. The European Union is perceived to be a serious corrective, a group of people who do not steal and lie, Director of the National Center for Study of Public Opinion Lidia Yordanova announced at a press conference.

She says Bulgarians believe the EU is something good. 60% of Bulgarians do not have any knowledge in the European Commission’s latest report and do not want to express their opinion.

20% of the respondents think the report was better than expected, while 18% say it was worse than expected. 39% of the respondents think the report does not give grounds for the government to be highly self-confident, whereas 16%, all of whom voters of Bulgarian Socialist Party, say the report is the government’s pride.

52% of Bulgarians approve of the European Parliament and its work, while 38% say they cannot speak about it because they do not know it.

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