500 Croats At Commemorative Service For D. Puljic

photo_verybig_1019145A commemorative service was held in Stuttgart on Friday for Denis Puljic, whose life was taken by Tim Kretschmer in a massacre.

A commemorative service was held in Stuttgart on Friday for Denis Puljic, a Croat whose life was taken by 17-year-old Tim Kretschmer at the end of his massacre in Winnenden and Wendlingen near Stuttgart.

Massacre which shocked Germany

Some 500 people gathered for holy mass, mostly Croats from Stuttgart and nearby places. Friends and acquaintances are still appalled with Puljic` violent death, while his wife supposedly has not yet seen his body, which will be buried in Zagreb on March 17.

As we find out, the Consulate of Croatia in Stuttgart has appointed a staff member to provide help to the Puljic family with the funeral procedure, i.e. transporting the body from Germany to Croatia.

Denis Puljic was a 37-year-old Croatian citizen, born in Banja Luka. He participated in the Croatian Homeland War of Independence and lived near Zagreb in mid-90s. He then moved to Germany. He left a wife and a little daughter behind.

Puljic`s murderer, underage Kretschmer killed 15 persons and in the end, surrounded by the police and wounded, took his own life. Murdered persons included three female teachers from his former school and 11 female pupils. Running away from the police, Tim drove to a car salon in Wendlingen, 40 kilometres away, where Denis Puljic worked and shot him down, along with another salon guest.

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