We expect Turkish entrepreneurs to purchase land in Georgia, agriculture minister

Georgian Minister of Agriculture Bakur Kvezereli said Wednesday the most affordable agricultural land in the region is actually in Georgia.

“One hectare (10,000 square metres) of agricultural land sells for 350-1000 USD in Georgia. We expect Turkish entrepreneurs to purchase land in Georgia,” Kvezereli said.

Kvezereli, the Minister of Agriculture of Ajara Autonomous Republic Emzar Dzirkvadze and an accompanying delegation visited the Chamber of Commerce in the Aegean province of Izmir (IZTO) on Wednesday.

Speaking at the IZTO, Kvezereli said that, as two friendly states, Turkey and Georgia cooperate in many fields.

“We can create new areas of cooperation with Turkey. The agricultural sector offers many opportunities in Georgia,” Kvezereli said.

“Turkish entrepreneurs own around 5,000 hectares of land in Georgia. We expect this amount to increase by 10 fold in the year 2009,” Kvezereli noted.

Stressing that Turkey is a neighbor, Emzar Dzirkvadze presented information on the activities of Turkish entrepreneurs in Ajara at IZTO.

“The Batumi Airport was renovated by Turkish businessmen. There are three Turkish factories operating in the areas of canned food, fresh vegetables and fruits, and packing. Five Turkish textile factories provide employment for around 1,000 people. A Turkish contractor is building a five star Hilton Hotel in Batumi,” Dzirkvadze said.

“We want to cooperate with Turkey in the field of tourism,” Dzirkvadze said.

The President of the Executive Board of IZTO, Ekrem Demirtaş, said that commercial relations between Turkey and Georgia must be further promoted.

While Turkey is Georgia’s number one trade partner, trade figures do not represent the actual potential that exists, Demirtaş said.

Cruise ships will soon begin trips from Izmir to Batumi, Demirtaş said.

“Batumi is an attractive destination for cruise ships,” Demirtaş also said.

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