Croatia adopts its negotiating position on the judicial chapter in EU talks

ZAGREB, Croatia — The national committee in charge of EU talks approved on Thursday (March 19th) Croatia’s negotiating position on the judiciary and fundamental rights chapter of its EU acquis, committee chairwoman Vesna Pusic announced. She described this chapter as one of the most important in the accession talks.

The European Commission confirmed last December that Croatia was ready to open the chapter. Still, negotiations are unlikely to start soon, as several more steps are required in the process.

In other news, President Stipe Mesic’s decision to strip eight awards and one medal from retired General Vladimir Zagorec became effective on Thursday. Earlier this month, Zagorec received a seven-year prison sentence for embezzling nearly 4m euros’ worth of diamonds and for abuse of office.

Local media reported that Mesic was also expected to strip General Mirko Norac of his medals. He received a 12-year prison sentence for the murder of Serb civilians in the Gospic region in the autumn of 1991.

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