Kosovo Minister: Time for UNMIK To Go

The UN presence in Kosovo is viewed as unnecessary by Kosovar Albanians and their mandate meaningless in Kosovo’s working as a state, argues Kosovo’s deputy Prime Minister.

Hajredin Kuci emphasised that Kosovo’s Declaration of Independence in 2008, the installment of the constitution, the passing of new legislation, and the deployment of the European Union’s rule of law mission, EULEX meant to replace the United Nations Mission in Kosovo, UNMIK, have “made UNMIK unneeded and unable to function in Kosovo anymore.”

Opposition parties are in agreement with the current government’s stance, as deputy head of the Alliance for a New Kosovo, Ibrahim Makolli stated that Kosovo’s independence has replaced the need for the UN’s presence, making way for EU support instead.

“We now have the EU presence in Kosovo and UNMIK has no reason to remain in Kosovo. This mission has concluded its mandate, and has had achievement together with citizens, towards the creation of new state institutions,” he said.

These remarks arose after the United Nation’s Secretary General stated that Kosovar Albanians see UNMIK has a hindrance to Kosovo’s development, in a report released last week. Read more: UN: Kosovo sees UNMIK as Hindrance.

Kosovo’s Foreign Minister is also set to push for UNMIK’s exit at a UN Security Council meeting scheduled for later on Monday. Read more: Kosovo to Push UN Exit at Security Council

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