UN Security Council starts debate on Kosovo

NEW YORK, United States — The UN Security Council launched a debate on Monday (March 23rd) on Kosovo and the status of the Serbian minority there. No major progress was reported at the session, where UNMIK chief Lamberto Zannier and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon presented their quarterly report on the situation in Kosovo. They describe it as stable and calm, despite some incidents in the Serb-dominated north. 

Serbian President Boris Tadic called for greater protection of ethnic Serbs in Kosovo and for the adoption of the UN’s six-point plan, which would grant considerable autonomy to the Serbian minority.

The Kosovo government rejects the plan, saying it would establish autonomous, almost independent enclaves based on ethnicity. Kosovo Foreign Minister Skender Hyseni focused on UNMIK’s reconfiguration and EULEX’s deployment. He mentioned a list of government projects aimed at integrating the Kosovo minority communities, especially the Serbs. Hyseni criticised Serbia’s effort to “establish and support parallel, illegal and criminal structures in the north”.

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