Bulgarian Government to Reconsider Budget 2009 Spendings

The Bulgarian Government should reconsider Budget 2009 spendings in order to generate surplus.

That was Vladimir Karolev’s opinion, expressed at the sixth discussion of the “Debates 2009” campaign, organized by the Bulgarian Industrial Association.

Vladimir Karolev is an economist at National Movement for Prosperity and Stability (NMPS), but he stressed that the prediction was his own, and he did not make it as a NMPS analyst.

Karolev also said that pensions increase should be postponed, as an additional anti crisis, and budget stability measure.

Representatives of the Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) party called for revision of the 2009 budget.

All the participants in the debate, but Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), backed the idea of lowering the social insurance wight. The Movement “Napred” (“Forward”) even offered that this matter should be negotiated by employers and employees freely, and only the lowest amount of insurance should be present in a law.

The Movement also proposed that the corporate taxes should be cut by 50%, as long as companies take part in government, municipal, and science projects.

All the parties that took part in the debate agreed that tourism, ecology, agriculture, transport, and power industry are the fields that need most investment in order to develop, and the Bulgarian economy grow. According to the participants the main issues are connected to low administrative staff and science potential.

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