10 Kosovo Policemen Injured in Serb Clashes

Kosovo Police said that ten policemen were injured on Sunday as around 300 Serbs threw stones at them in protest to electricity cuts.

The protests began at the eastern village of Gjilane/Gnjilane, when police say protesters gathered and blocked the Gjilane/Gnjilane-Bujanovac road.

For the past three days several Serb inhabited villages are facing power cuts after refusing to pay their electricity bills to Kosovo’s electricity company, KEK. 

Local Serbs argue that they will not to pay their electricity bills before the state gives them jobs.

Serbia’s Minister for Kosovo, Goran Bogdanovic, has appealed to Kosovo Serbs to avoid quarrels with Kosovo’s Police.

According to Kosovo’s Public Television, RTK, Bogdanovic told local Serbs that they “cannot solve their problems with violence”, and urged them to find a peaceful solution.

The police arrested some five protesters, and the situation on Monday morning was reported to be calm.

Gjilan/Gnjilane, located in east Kosovo, is populated by a large number of Serbs.

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