Moldova: Romania Wants to Annex Country

Moldova’s government accused Romania on Tuesday of wanting to annex the country and called on the EU to mediate in order to rein in Bucharest’s “aggressive policy”.

“Since Moldova’s declaration of independence, Romanian leaders have spoken more than once without ambiguity about the inevitable absorption of Moldova by Romania…, the unification of the two countries as the only European prospect for Moldova,” the Moldovan government said in a statement, as reported by AFP. 

Relations between the two neighbouring countries have deteriorated since Moldova’s Communist government accused Romania of inciting riots last month following elections contested by the opposition.

Bilateral relations between Romania and Moldova became even more tense after the Romanian ambassador to Moldova was declared “persona non grata”.

Romanian Foreign Minister Cristian Diaconescu has said that Romania will solve its problems with the Republic of Moldova through dialogue.

To back up its claim, on Tuesday Moldova pointed to Romania’s refusal to sign a treaty ratifying the border lines between the two countries and to Romania’s decision to give Romanian citizenship to several Moldovans, says AFP.

The “degradation of bilateral relations have reached a point… that can no longer be ignored” by the EU, of which Romania is a member, the statement said.

Moldova said it was “open and ready for a European Union mediation in order to neutralise the aggressive policy of Romania, return it to the unified foreign policy of the EU and stabilise bilateral relations on the basis of international law.”

Most of present Moldova was part of Romania until its annexation by the former Soviet Union in 1940. Moldova won independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

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