Bulgaria says “no” to plans for reduction of transit of gas through Ukraine: minister


Minister of Economy and Energy Petar Dimitrov said at a press conference in Dobrich, that it is very important Boyko Borisov to understand that elections are over in Bulgaria. “It is virtually the country’s new prime minister and hereafter must take the governing,” Petar Dimitrov said, speaking about the informal leader of the Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (CEDB). 

The Energy Minister does not object if Borisov announced who will be the future minister of economy and energy and this person to stand alongside the current minister. Petar Dimitrov recalled that signing the Nabucco agreement will be held in the Turkish capital Ankara on Monday.

This is a very important act, which was wated for long ago and one of the obstacles was Turkey itself, ” Petar Dimitrov said and added that the fact that Turkey is hosting the meeting, Turkish President Erdogan will personally lead the signing is in great importance. Prime ministers of Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary will also attend the meeting, which is a sign for the high level of the meeting.

“I do not know what Borisov offers. Does he offer us to fail to participate in this meeting and to stop Nabucco, because Bulgaria has no elected government? Therefore, the Constitution has provided – it can be no government of Bulgaria, Petar Dimitrov said.

Petar Dimitrov said yesterday that the letter of Russian Embassy in Bulgaria has been received. It was sent by the Minister of Energy of Russia. The letter stated that attempts to settle a disagreement between BEH and Gazprom are not satisfactory for a year now.

As reasons are given – Bulgarian insistence the capacity of Southern Stream gas system to be equal to the capacity of the gas supplies to Bulgaria through sea area at the amounts of 31 billion of gas. Gazprom intends to reduce transit through Ukraine, which means transit through Dobroudzha part of the gas flow of South Stream gas pipeline to run for Turkey.

Thus, revenues from transit fees will fall by half, Petar Dimitrov said and added: “Of course, Bulgaria said no. We do not say “yes” because it is against the interests of the country.

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