“Croatia committed to regional cooperation”


Croatian President Stjepan Mesić says that his country remains committed to regional cooperation and removing all obstacles in the way of such cooperation. 

Mesić added that Croatia would not use unresolved bilateral issues to slow down the Euro-Atlantic integration process of any of the other countries in the region.

In a written statement regarding the situation in South-East Europe, which he will be sending to all heads of state in the region and to Sweden in its capacity as the EU’s presiding country, Mesić said that the process of uniting Europe would not be complete until all the countries of South-East Europe had become members of the EU.

“Croatia believes that the final goal for all the countries of South-East Europe is to establish good and comprehensive relations in all spheres, and, based on full equality, confronting the past and committing to EU goals, criteria and standards. Croatia is still prepared to help reach this goal,” the president underlined.

He said that all bilateral problems should be put aside in a peaceful manner with the implementation of international law. Mesić said that Croatia would address all open questions “in good faith, primarily through bilateral negotiations.”

“If it proves impossible to reach a solution like this, we will seek it with the involvement of international institutions and exclusively based on international law,” Mesić said.

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